HOAM is an acronym for Helping One Another Ministry. The name seeks to reflect Scripture’s teaching on caring for one another within a Christian community. The word ‘works’ reminds us that we are not just to love and care for one another in theory and sentiment but also in word and deed (James 2:26).

HOAMworks coordinators and carers work alongside church members and leaders to encourage and facilitate effective practical care and support for one another, particularly those in need of chronic and crisis care in our church community.

HOAMworks can provide practical support for individuals such as meals, transportation and shopping; and emotional and spiritual support, including home and hospital visitation, Bible reading and prayer. HOAMworks can also help families organise assistance with babysitting, meal provision, tutoring and odd household jobs.

Are you or your family in need of care or support?

If you belong to a Growth Group:

Step 1: Share your situation with your Growth Group leader and group members. The group leader and members will endeavour to provide appropriate practical, emotional and spiritual support.

Step 2: If additional support would be helpful, your Growth Group leader will ask your permission to contactHOAMworks. With your consent, an appropriate minister will also be informed.

If you don’t belong to a Growth group:

Share your situation with someone at church with whom you have a supportive relationship, and/or contact HOAMworks through Jan Smith in the church Office.

Contacting HOAMworks:

If you have any enquiries or requests please feel free to contact us.

Sally Sims 0412 924 321 (HOAMworks coordinator)
Rhonda Graham 0435 427 886 (HOAMworks coordinator)

In case of an emergency contact Jan Smith at the church office on 9488 9855