Ministry Staff — Christ Church Overseers

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Andrew Graham

Senior Minister

Anton Marquez

Ministry Overseer

Dan Bidwell

Maturity Overseer

Elliot Temple

Mission Overseer

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Hayden Smith

Worship Overseer and Children’s,
Youth & Families

James Macbeth

Community & Care Overseer and Family Church

Ministry Staff — Cowan Rd & Family Church

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Pip Russell

Maturity and Community & Care at Cowan Rd

Natalie Osborne

Youth & Families Worker

Lauren Dewhurst

Children & Families Minister

Di Lucas

Minister (Part-Time)
Maturity and Community & Care at Family Church

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Garbo Chan

Connect at
Cowan Rd

Lindy Luger

Sundays Serve at Cowan Rd

Will Bickersteth

Acting Music
Director at
Cowan Rd (Part-Time)

Bec Ward

SRE & Community Youth Worker

Ministry Training Strategy

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Michael Figueira

Trainee 2017-2018


Ian Millar

Trainee 2017-2018



Support Team

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Anna Richardson

Business Manager

Jan Smith

Administrative Assistant

Fiona Bywaters

administrative Assistant (Part-Time)

Wilson Teh

Accounts Manager

Communications & Systems

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Lyn Adamson

Communications and
Systems Manager (Part-Time)

Olivia Cope

Communications and
Systems Administrator

Jack Duffin

Communications & Media Co-ordinator (Part-Time)