On this page you’ll find details about online & electronic giving only.

At Christ Church you can contribute to the work of the Gospel in St Ives and into all the world online, in person at our Sunday Gatherings, through Direct Debit set-up using a Giving Form, or by bequest.

Head to Giving at Christ Church for other ways to make a contribution.


Online Giving to the General Fund




Biller Code: 172247

Reference Codes for BPAY:
9.00 Church 09001
10.30 Church 10302
6.45 Church 06451
9.30 Family Church 09305

BSB: 032 188
Account Number: 250 007

Reference for Transfer:
9.00 Church 09001
10.30 Church 10302
6.45 Church 06451
9.30 Family Church 09305



Online Tax-Deductible Giving to the Gospel Trust Fund*

The Gospel Trust Fund is an umbrella tax-deductible fund that allows Christ Church to efficiently manage its tax-deductible donations. You can direct your tax-deductible contribution to the Gospel Trust Fund and authorise Christ Church to apply the donation where it is most needed, or make a fixed or flexible contribution to a specific area (a fixed contribution can only be allocated to the specific area, and a flexible contribution can be reallocated to another tax-deductible fund if the specific area is oversubscribed).


Tax deductible contributions to a specific area can be made through the Gospel Trust Fund to the:



Over 1,100 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are able to grow in their love and knowledge of God through the Scripture teaching done by volunteers and staff from Christ Church St Ives.

Find out more about Scripture Teaching and the ministry that is supported through the Scripture Teaching Fund.

This fund is for the advancement of the Christian faith through music and the arts through the production, promotion and distribution of high quality resources to support evangelical music and other creative arts through Christ Church St Ives and other churches; encouragement, support and training of Christian musicians and artists; and provision of music and the arts for churches and other Christian organisations.


Reaching Into All the World with the Gospel of Jesus

As a supplement to regular giving, it is also possible to make particular donations in support of our Into All the World initiatives as we seek to train people for gospel work and partner with specific overseas missionary organisations.


Find out more about how you can support our Ministry Trainees through the Ministry Training Strategy on our MTS page.


11% of our General Fund is set aside each year to help us support our Mission Partners in their work in Asia, Africa and Europe. As a supplement to this regular giving, it is possible to make particular donations in support of three specific overseas missionary organisations – Church Missionary Society (CMS), OMF International (formerly Overseas Missionary Fellowship) and Navigators. You can give by Credit Card or by using the BPAY or Electronic Transfer details above and the reference codes available below.

Direct Debit Service Agreement available here
Terms and conditions for online credit card transactions:
All transactions are processed in AUD
Your donation is through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology which is an industry standard
We do not give refunds for online donations
*In legal terms the Gospel Trust is a Public Ancillary Fund. It has been endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a DGR effective from 17 November 2009. It is controlled by a governing trust deed approved by the Tax Office. The trustees are the Wardens of Christ Church St Ives. The Gospel Trust Fund is administered by a committee comprising the Senior Minister and Wardens.