Prime Time meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month and offers opportunities to serve and to be served. We welcome people of all ages so come along and share in the wealth of experience that a range of ages and stages of life have to offer, including those who are retired or semi-retired in our church family. Prime Time seeks to build friendship and support as we share in a variety of social events and activities.


22 Feb Lunch at Christ Church
Speakers: Rita & George Galieh
Topic: Victorian Times
20-25 March Week away at Gulgong
26 April Lunch at Christ Church
Speaker: Brian Dunbar
Topic: Army Life
24 May Picnic Day
28 June Lunch at Christ Church
Speaker:Bush Church Aid Society
Topic: Ministering to Remote Australians
26 July Art Gallery and Pub Lunch
Day in Wentworth Falls
23 Aug Lunch at Christ Church
27 Sept Tulip Festival
Bus Trip to Bowral
25 Oct Lunch at Christ Church
6 Dec Christmas Lunch at Christ Church

Please contact Roger & Judy Riley for more details: 9489 5898