If you haven’t been to a church before or haven’t been to a church in a long while, we understand that you might wonder what it is like at one of our Sunday meetings.

First, expect a wide range of people: some are single, some are married, some are parents, some are grandparents. We’re all different.

Next, expect to find us spending a lot of time thinking about God and his Son, Jesus Christ. We do this in all sorts of different ways – singing, praying, reading the Bible, teaching, and in personal conversation. We don’t do this just to cram more stuff in our heads, but so we can help each other live for Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Finally, expect that it’s okay if you haven’t been to church much before. We’ll try to make it clear what’s going on, and you won’t need to say or do anything you don’t want to.

If you have questions on a Sunday, please stop by our Connect Desk in the foyer of the main church building or the Information Desk in the mezzanine area during Morning Tea or Supper where you will find a team of friendly people and many helpful resources.



Cowan Rd — 9.00am / 10.30am / 6.45pm

Our Sundays are a time for us to express our unity as the body of Christ and welcome newcomers into our church.

With God’s help we are seeking to build Sunday gatherings which, richly nurture God’s people, are very accessible to friends and family and members of the community, bring together people of diverse ages and stages and walks life, express our unity as a body of believers serving God as we serve each other, sitting humbly under his Word.

Together we enjoy singing the truths of God’s Word, hearing this Word read and preached, and lifting prayers corporately to the God of all wisdom. We also enjoy a rich time of encouraging one another and sharing life over morning tea or supper.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Sunday gatherings. You can find where we meet at our main campus, Cowan Rd, here. You can keep up with what’s happening on our Facebook page.

9.00 Church + Kids Church (Creche to Year 5) + Junior High Youth (Years 6 to 8)

Kids Church starts at 9.00am in the lower halls and is a wonderful environment for children from Creche to Year 6 to grow in their love and understanding of God.

10.30 Church + Kids Church (Creche to Year 5) + Junior High Youth (Years 6 to 8)

At the start of our service, we have a great time in the main auditorium with all the children from Creche to Year 6 and something from the bible for us all. The children then head off to Kids Church in the lower halls, similarly to Kids Church at 9.00 Church.

Junior High youth group kicks off at 10.30am in the upper hall and offers a welcoming and relaxed environment for youth from Years 7 to 9 to build friendships while hearing from God’s Word, praying and singing to God together and having a bit of a fun together.

6.45 Church + Senior High Youth (Years 9 to 12) beforehand at 5pm

6.45 Church is made up of a great diversity of people, ranging from university students and young professionals to retirees. The collected mass of these diverse backgrounds makes for a community wealthy in life experience. The thing we all have in common though, and the reason we keep meeting together, is our love for God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Senior High Youth kicks off at 5pm in the upper hall and finishes up around 6.30pm. Some members of Senior High kick on to 6.45 Church afterward.




Family Church at St Ives North Primary School

Family Church is a congregation of Christ Church that meets off-site has been meeting every Sunday morning at 9.30am in the school hall of St Ives North Primary since 2005.

Because we are a church that values families, the children join us in the main gathering for the first part of our meeting. After 15-20 minutes they move off to the Creche, Pre-School, Infants and Primary Sunday School Groups.

At St Ives Family Church we value relationships. We want to get to know each other better. One of the ways this happens is during morning tea. We pause for a 15 minute morning tea break in the middle of the meeting!

The rest of our time together is dominated by hearing from God’s Word, the Bible, and working out what it means for our lives today.