At Christ Church we want to build whole-hearted disciples of Jesus. We want to see people connect to Christ and our church family, grow as disciples of Christ and serve to build disciples of Christ.

If you don’t know Jesus yet – if you haven’t yet come to put your full trust in him – then please consider finding out more about who Jesus is and what he came to do, and join us at one of our Sunday Gatherings.

But if you are part of Christ Church, joining us in building whole-hearted disciples of Jesus so we can grow as a family of churches and reach further into the world with the good news of the gospel, then we want to ask you to consider what financial support you might be able to provide to further this vision and mission, under God, and for his glory.

How Can I Give at Christ Church?

If you are looking to contribute financially to the gospel work of Christ Church, the best ways to start giving are:

You can give online using BPAY, electronic transfer or credit card

Fill out a Giving Form and return it to the Church Office to set-up Direct Debit

If you’d like to make an adjustment to your current Direct Debit contributions, please contact our Accountant in the Church Office directly: [email protected]

The opportunity to give by Cash or Cheque is available at all of our Sunday Gatherings each week

You can pick up weekly Giving Envelopes at the Information Desk to give regularly by Cash.

All Cheques (whether making a regular or tax-deductible contribution) should be made payable to ‘Christ Church St Ives’. If contributing to a specific Appeal (including Scripture Appeal) or Ministry, please enclose the cheque in an envelope and specify the Appeal or Ministry on the front.

You can also make a bequest to the work of the gospel of our church by speaking to your solicitor and making provision for ongoing gospel ministry at Christ Church St Ives in your will


General & Tax-Deductible Giving at Christ Church

Our church is funded solely by contributions from members and there are significant costs in sustaining our ministries that help people connect to Christ, grow in their love and knowledge of him and serve Christ and his people.

You can use any of the options above for Regular Giving to the General Fund orTax-Deductible Giving to the Gospel Trust Fund. All Tax-Deductible Giving by Cash or Cheque must be enclosed in an envelope with a Giving Form.

Regular Giving to the General Fund — When you give regularly at Christ Church, either week-by-week at our Sunday Gatherings or electronically, you are contributing to the General Fund, which helps sustain and grow these core ministries and the gospel work of our church year in and year out.

The bulk of our costs are associated with salaries for our ministry team. We also need to provide for administration & property costs. As a church, 11% of contributions made to the General Fund are also set aside each year to help us reach further into the world with the gospel as we support our Mission Partners in their work in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Tax-Deductible Giving to the Gospel Trust Fund — In addition to giving regularly to fund our core gospel work both locally and overseas, there are opportunities to make tax-deductible donations to specific funds which have been approved by the Australian Tax Office. Tax-deductible contributions made to the Gospel Trust Fund can be made in support of scripture teaching in our local schools, certain maintenance projects, and the development of music and arts that further the cause of the gospel at Christ Church.

The Gospel Trust Fund is an umbrella tax-deductible fund that allows Christ Church to efficiently manage its tax-deductible donations. You can direct your tax-deductible contribution to the Gospel Trust Fund and authorise Christ Church to apply the donation where it is most needed, or make a fixed or flexible contribution to a specific area (a fixed contribution can only be allocated to the specific area, and a flexible contribution can be reallocated to another tax-deductible fund if the specific area is oversubscribed).

We ask our members to regularly give to gospel work at Christ Church so that we continue to build more and more disciples of Christ. We also encourage our members to support other Christian organisations involved in gospel work, as well as contributing to charities working with the poor & disadvantaged.

Please direct any queries or concerns about Giving for Gospel Work to our church family’s elected representatives on the Parish Council or our Senior Minister.

Terms and conditions for online credit card transactions:
All transactions are processed in AUD
Your donation is through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology which is an industry standard
We do not give refunds for online donations