At Christ Church we seek to build one another up as whole-hearted disciples of Christ. One of the key places for this to happen is in our large network of Growth Groups where we connect relationally and help one another grow to maturity in Christ through Word and prayer.

Growth Groups are comprised of approximately 8 – 15 people who gather regularly to hear and respond to God’ Word as we read the Bible and pray together, and share our lives as we support one another in our Christian walks.

Our Morning Church Mixed, Men’s & Women’s Growth Groups are for any adults at Morning Church at Christ Church and meet at various times on the Upper North Shore. There are groups that meet weekly or fortnightly on weekday mornings, weeknights or Sundays.

Women can also join one of our Women Exploring the Bible (WEB) Growth Groups that meet during school term-time. We have Women’s Growth Groups that meet weekly on Tuesdays from 10am-Noon or Thursdays from 9.30-11.30am at 1 Cowan Rd. Women share in Morning Tea together with those from other groups, followed by time spent in their own Growth Groups. On Thursdays there is also a supervised creche for under five year olds.

Our Student-age Growth Groups meet on Tuesday evenings with a particular focus on being a follower of Jesus and engaging with our current culture as a young adult. Our Worker Growth Groups meet on Wednesday evenings with a particular focus on being a follower of Jesus and engaging well with our workplaces. These are all weekly, mixed groups that meet along the North Shore from Neutral Bay to Hornsby.

Our Mandarin-Speakers Growth Groups meet on Sunday afternoons from 12pm-2pm in the Lower Hall at Cowan Rd as part of our Mandarin Fellowship, with lunch together from 12pm-12.45pm, followed by small groups from 12.45pm-2pm.

If you have any other questions, please email us at: [email protected]