Our vision is not just local! Our church family enables ministry and mission in our city and all over the world, including through our Mission Partners who help build disciples of Christ in Asia & Africa.

Christ Church supports the work of various Mission Partners around the world through consistent prayer, practical support and 11% of our annual General Giving.

Our Mission Partners are involved in a variety of Gospel work: building up disciple-making missionaries across northern Thailand; equipping local pastors and leaders to build disciples of Christ in Tanzania; providing cross-cultural resources and missionary support for disciple-making throughout Asia; training pastors and evangelists to grow disciples across Africa.

Missionary Profiles 2020

South West Sydney

Nathan Cheung & Paul Webb | Chester Hill Anglican Church


George Whitefield College | South Africa
The Rockwells at George Whitefield College | South Africa


The Chos | Thailand
The Painters | Cambodia
The Farrs | Singapore
The Ridgways | South East Asia – Resident in the USA