What is SRE?

Public schools in NSW provide special religious education (SRE) by authorised representatives of approved religious groups to students who have nominated that religion and special education in ethics (SEE) to students who are not attending special religious education. As the Anglican Church in St Ives, we provide Anglican SRE in local schools to help young people grow in their love and knowledge of God.

You can visit Youthworks to find out more about what is taught in our SRE classes. On the Youthworks website you will find the SRE curriculum that we use, which is the only SRE curriculum material produced by Anglican Youthworks for Anglican SRE, and approved by the Archbishop of Sydney.

All our SRE Teachers have undergone the necessary Youthworks SRE Accreditation Training, have completed Safe Ministry Training within the past three years, as required by the Anglican Diocesan Safe Ministry Ordinance, and have current NSW Working With Children Checks verified by Christ Church St Ives, as required by the NSW Department of Education.

Teaching SRE in Local Schools

Over 1,100 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are given the opportunity to grow in their love and knowledge of God as they learn from the Bible through the SRE Scripture teaching done by volunteers and staff from Christ Church St Ives.

Lauren Dewhurst, our Children’s & Families Minister, teaches Scripture, trains, equips and accredits more than twenty Scripture teachers and co-ordinates twenty-eight Scripture classes in three local primary schools.

Scripture classes in the local high school are taught by our High School Scripture Team. Our High School Scripture Team is made up of our Youth & Families Minister – Joshua Hayward – and a three-day-a-week High School Scripture teacher – Rachael Mayrick. The High School Scripture Team teaches twenty-two Scripture classes a fortnight and support the teenage leaders of the student-run Christian group at the local high school.

Each year, we partner in the work of Scripture as we provide financial support to provide teaching materials and resources for teachers and students involved in SRE and for those on our staff team who co-ordinate SRE in our local schools. All contributions over $2 made in support of Scripture are tax-deductible.