Ministry Staff — Christ Church Overseers

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John Menear

Acting Senior Minister

Elliot Temple


A church-wide discipleship focus on Mission

James Macbeth


Oversight of Family Church at St Ives Park
& a discipleship focus
on Community

Anton Marquez


Oversight of 6.45 Church at Cowan Rd & a church-wide discipleship focus on Worship

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Caroline Litchfield


Oversight at 9.00 & 10.30 Church at Cowan Rd and a church-wide discipleship focus on Christian Maturity & Service

Ministry Staff — Children’s, Youth & Families


staff circle2 joshhaywardavatar Staff Circle 20203

Lauren Dewhurst

Children & Families Minister

Josh Hayward

Youth & Families Minister

Rachael Mayrick

High School SRE Scripture Teacher (Part-Time)

Ministry Staff — Cowan Rd & Family Church


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Cathy Young

Pastoral Assistant
(Part-Time at
Family Church)

Leo Chen

Mandarin Ministry Worker
(Part-Time at
Cowan Rd)

Garbo Chan

Connect Co-ordinator
at Cowan Rd

Alex Moyse

Music Teams Director

Staff Circle 20201

Ian Porter

Assistant Minister
(Part-Time at
Cowan Rd Morning Services)

Ministry Training Strategy

Staff Circle 20200 Staff Circle 20192

Rachel Irwin

Trainee 2020-2021

Simon Swadling

Trainee 2019-2020

Support Team

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Anna Richardson

Business Manager

Jan Smith

Administrative Assistant (Part-Time)

Fiona Bywaters

Administrative Assistant (Part-Time)

Wilson Teh

Accounts Manager

Staff Circle 20204

Elma McErlane

Administrative Assistant — Children’s, Youth & Families (Part-Time)

Communications & Systems

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Lyn Adamson

Communications Manager (Part-Time)

Lindy Luger

Sunday Systems