Each year we hold our Annual General Meeting in March, an important annual business meeting where we hear ministry reports, financial updates and vote for our parish office-bearers (Wardens, Parish Council, Nominators & Synod Representatives).

It is an important gathering where significant governance structures are established in our church. It is also a great help in ensuring there is transparency and accountability surrounding all the resources with which God has generously blessed us.

You can find out more about the various roles of those elected at our Annual General Meeting below*.

Should you have any encouragements to pass on or concerns to raise with the Parish Council as they meet each month, please contact the Wardens: [email protected]


Our Wardens for 2019 are: Stephen Day (Appointed); Ross Bowden & Darren Moy (Elected).

A warden is one of three people who are responsible for executing the financial and property matters of the church. Annually, two wardens are elected and one is appointed by the Senior Minister. The wardens usually meet once a month on a Monday at a mutually agreed time and perform functions on a weekly basis such as overseeing the collection at our Sunday Gatherings, signing cheques and overseeing other financial and property related activities. The Business Manager assists the wardens in performing some parts of their role.

The Wardens’ responsibilities are defined by the Parish Administration Ordinance and include ensuring the proper management, security and financial administration of all money and other property of the church; ensuring proper procedures are followed for all collections taken and ensuring the church building and its contents and grounds are maintained.

Parish Council

In 2019 the Parish Council will meet each month, with a half day off-site meeting in May. Our Parish Councillors for 2019 are: Stephen Day, Ross Bowden & Darren Moy (Christ Church Wardens); Susan Beattie, Ella Carter, Steevie Chan, James Clifton, Jacqueline Evans, Carrie Robertson, Matt Ross-Smith, & David Vella (Elected & Appointed Members).

Parish Council consists of the Senior Minister, the three Wardens, and 3, 6 or 9 elected members and correspondingly 1, 2 or 3 members appointed by the Senior Minister.

The Parish Administration Ordinance summarises the Parish Council’s role as determining matters of policy, approving budgets and authorising payments. These powers are exercised through functions such as determining the remuneration of staff; conferring with the Senior Minister in the initiation, conduct and development of church work including such matters as are vital to the spiritual welfare of the church; to make recommendations to the minister on ministry within the ,parish; and to make donations for missionary, charitable or patriotic purposes.

Parish Representatives (Nominators)

Our current elected Parish Representatives are: Lee Carter, Janet Currer, Andrew Duffin, Peter Mayrick & Robert Tong.

A Parish Representative (or Nominator) is one of five lay-persons elected by the parish to form part of the nomination board. The nomination board’s function is to appoint a new Senior Minister for the parish if a vacancy occurs.

Synod Representatives

Our elected Synod Representatives for 2017-2019 are: Mark Robinson & Barry Newman.

Synod representatives along with the Senior Minister represent Christ Church at the Annual Synod. The Synod is like a parliament for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Two synod representatives are elected for a period of three years.

*For a detailed breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of the office-bearers see Schedule 1 of the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008.